Legal Notice of Public Hearings / Council Meetings

The Town of Apex has legislative authority to publish legal notice of public hearings online versus printing these notices in a local newspaper. All legal notices for public hearings for the following items will be posted on this page: Annexations, Board of Adjustment Variances or Appeal Cases, Rezoning Requests, Special Use Permits, Transportation Plan Amendments, and Unified Development Ordinance Amendments.

Planning Board - Public Hearings

October 10, 2022

Town Council - Public Hearings 

October 11, 2022

  • Transportation Plan Amendments Proposed amendments to the Thoroughfare and Collector Street, Bike and Pedestrian System Plan, and Transit Plan maps in the Chapel Ridge Road vicinity
  • Transportation Plan Amendments Proposed amendments to the Bicycle and Pedestrian System Plan Map in the vicinity of future Richardson Road

November 8, 2022

Board of Adjustment - Public Hearings

October 18, 2022