Water & Sewer Operations

The Water and Sewer Operations Division of Water Resources is responsible for installation and inspection of new services and maintenance of existing water and wastewater collection systems.  The following services are performed by the Water & Sewer Operations Division:

Water Quality

  • Bacteriological testing
  • Water quality testing
  • Hydrant and valve inspections and maintenance
  • Water meter testing
  • Hydrant meter rental and installation
Utility Maintenance
  • Water meter installation and repair
  • Split tap installation (existing water account customers only)
  • Water and sewer line maintenance and repair
  • Water consumption investigation
Collections (Sanitary Sewer)
  • Water and sewer final inspection for certificate of occupancy approval
  • 3rd party CCTV & CCTV inspection of new and existing sewer lines and services
  • Sewer service backup/blockage 
  • Easement maintenance
Pump Station Maintenance
  • Pump station inspection and maintenance


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Water and Sewer Utilities
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