Fees and Bonds (Stormwater & Public Infrastructure)

The FY2023-2024 Fee Schedule is effective July 1, 2023.

General Fees

Type of Fee
Fee Amount
Construction Plan Review Fee for Subdivisions
$700.00, Plus $10 per Lot
Construction Plan Review Fee for Sites, Utility Extensions, Greenways, Etc. $700.00, Plus $15 per Sheet
Warranty Bonds
25% of Cost of Installed and Approved Infrastructure
Performance Bonds
125% of Cost of Uninstalled Improvements
Sewer Extension Permit Application
Water Extension Permit Application
Water or Sewer Permit Amendment $100.00
Bond Administration (Surety Bond/Letter of Credit) $300.00
Bond Administration (Cash/Check) $100.00
Bond Reduction/Amendment $100.00
Fee in Lieu Administration $100.00
Record Drawing Review (Infrastructure and SCMs) 1st & 2nd Review $200.00
Record Drawing Review (Infrastructure and SCMs) Amendments $100.00
Record Drawing Review (Infrastructure and SCMs) 3rd, 5th, 7th Review $100.00

Inspection Fees

Type of Inspection
Fee Amount
Water Lines $1.50 Per Linear Foot
Sewer Lines $1.50 Per Linear Foot
Pump Station Review and Inspection $2,500.00 Each Station
New Streets  $1.75 Per Linear Foot (per lane)
Curb and Gutter (Public)
$0.50 Per Linear Foot (both sides of street)
Storm Drains $1.50 Per Linear Foot
Fire Lanes $1.75 Per Linear Foot
Sidewalks/Greenways $1.50 Per Linear Foot
Driveway (Residential)
$100.00 Inspection
Driveway (Residential) Not Ready $150.00
Driveway (Residential) Reinspection $75.00
Infill/Outparcel Lots
$350.00 Per Lot

Bond Requirements and Procedures

All bond estimates must be submitted on the Infrastructure Bond Worksheet.

Please note, the town has specific bond forms and letter of credit language which must be pre-approved before issuance of any guarantees. To obtain copies of the bond forms or for questions regarding bonding of public infrastructure and structural SCMs, please call Jean Weatherman, Development Services Manager, at (919) 249-3394.

Landscaping Performance Bond questions should be directed to Joe Curtin, Zoning Compliance Supervisor, at (919) 249-1125.