Director, and Chief Building Official:  Rudy Baker (

Permitting Section:  This is the staff that works at the front desk, processing applications and taking payments. 

Supervisor:  Samantha Ewens  (

  • Anne Brock
  • Julie Adams
  • Lora Stephenson
  • Stephanie Villanueva (part time)
  • Tammy McGee (part time)

Plan Review Section:  These staff members review plans for Code compliance and compliance with certain Town ordinances before a permit is issued.

Supervisor:  Samantha Ewens  (

  • Allen Cooley  (Commercial projects)
  • Marguerite Strand (Residential projects)
  • Dale Stansell (Residential projects)
  • Susan Gentry (Residential, part-time)

Inspections Section:  These staff members visit the site during construction to verify Code compliance.

Residential Supervisor:  Mike Emig (

  • Lloyd Atkins
  • Thomas Keating
  • James Spinelli
  • Jeremiah Dupont
  • Joseph LeFrancois
  • Rick Cattano
  • Mike VanHoy

Commercial Supervisor:  Rudy Baker (

  • Chris Chiavacci
  • Tim Sawyer