When a Permit is Required

Typical construction projects requiring permits and inspections include, but are not limited to: room additions, decks, roofs over decks and swimming pools greater than 24” deep. Also, finishing basements, bonus rooms and attics, lawn irrigation systems and accessory buildings. All installations or modifications to electrical, plumbing, or heating or air conditioning systems also require a permit.

For more information please contact the Building Inspection Permit Office at (919) 249-3418 or visit the Building Inspection Permit page.

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1. Building Permit Basics
2. Obtaining a Building Permit
3. Permit Timing
4. Contractor's Role
5. When a Permit is Required
6. Homeowners Performing Own Work
7. Selecting a Contractor
8. When Inspections are Required
9. Scheduling an Inspection
10. Permit Fees
11. North Carolina Building Codes