Maps & Plans

The maps and diagrams shown herein are schematic and conceptual in nature. The Town of Apex reserves the right to make minor adjustments in the maps and diagrams as plans and designs are refined prior to the completion of the project.

Department Maps

Parks, Recreation, Greenways & Open Space Master Plan

The adoption of the town’s newly updated master plan culminated over 8 months of special meetings, surveys, and face to face interviews to ascertain the community’s concerns and opinions about direction that they wanted the town to take. The plan will be used to help guide and formulate future decisions regarding the provision of leisure services in areas such as programs and facilities.

From a regional perspective, the plan was coordinated with surrounding municipalities with regards to greenway connections and potential partnerships. Issues such as water quality, open space preservation, and environmental protection were also part of the adopted plan as was the adoption of a clear set of goals and objectives for the town in its provision of leisure services. Copies of the adopted plan can be downloaded at the link above.

Bicycle and Pedestrian System Plan

The Town now has a comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian System Plan Map that can be found here.

This map incorporates existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian facilities as shown in the Parks, Recreation, Greenways and Open Space Master Plan, Bike Apex and Advance Apex Transportation Plans. There are quite a few greenway segments that are currently under construction that will provide more connectivity in Town. The facilities shown on the map include Greenways, Street-side Greenways, Side Path, Sidewalk, and Bike Lanes.