What is the Equivalent Residential Unit?

All developed non-residential parcels and large residential customers (including commercial, office/institutional, churches, apartment complexes, etc.) are charged a fee based on the Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU). The ERU is the average impervious surface on residential properties in Apex. Through a GIS analysis, the average impervious surface is 2,700 square feet. This unit is a baseline for monthly rates for non-residential properties.

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1. What is a stormwater utility fee?
2. When did the stormwater fee go into effect?
3. How often are customers billed?
4. Who pays the stormwater fee?
5. What is impervious surface?
6. Why is the fee based on a property’s impervious surface?
7. What does the fee pay for?
8. How does the Town determine your impervious surface?
9. What is the Equivalent Residential Unit?
10. How do I know what my impervious surface is if I live in a new development?
11. What happens if I don't pay my bill?
12. Can I appeal or dispute my stormwater utility fee charge?
13. Isn't this essentially a tax on rain water?
14. What if I have other questions?