Last Update: October 11, 2018, 9:30 am

Trash & Recycling:
Thursday's route was not fully completed today (10/11), due to early closure of the landfill. If your carts were not collected, Waste Industries asks that you place them at the curb on Friday for collection. Friday's route will be collected on normal schedule.

Building Closures: Apex administrative offices, the Halle Cultural Arts Center, and Apex Community Center are open under normal operating hours. 

Parks & Greenways:  Although all parks and greenways are currently accessible, please use caution while visiting over the next few days. Many greenways are located in low-lying, flood prone areas, and will likely have branches, standing water, or sand on the paths. 

Yard Waste: The volume of yard waste collected over the next couple of weeks will be much higher than usual. Please disregard the regularly 'assigned' collection days until we're able to get back to normal with this service. 

Road Closures: There are no reported road closures at this time. 

Reporting Flooded Roadways, or Trees in the Road:
 Please dial the Police Non-Emergency number at (919) 362-8661.
NOTE: The Town will not remove trees from private property. If a tree on public property falls onto private land/property, you will need to contact your insurance company. If a tree on private property falls onto public land (i.e. roads), the tree will be cut at the property line so that the part on public land may be cleared leaving the part on private property to be disposed of by the property owner. (Not sure who the tree belongs to? Search Wake County iMaps for the property owner.)

Reporting a Power Outage: Report a power outage through our web or mobile app. 

Reporting emergencies: Please do not report emergencies to our social media accounts. Call 911 with any life-threatening emergencies. Do not call 911 to report a power outage, a fallen tree, or flooding. This ties up phone lines for those with life-threatening emergencies. 

Storm Drains: Do you have a storm drain near your home? Take a moment to clear any debris away from the drain. This will help flood waters flow as intended into the drain.

Schools: The Wake County Public School System dictates all delays and closures for Apex public schools. Check their website for more info.