Saunders Parking Lot

As outlined in the Downtown Master Plan & Parking Study, the solutions for parking in downtown Apex are varied and complex. The focus of this project is the redesign and expand the public parking lot accessed off of Saunders Street and Templeton Street. This reconfiguration will substantially increase the number of off-street spaces available adjacent to the core business district. 

The Saunders lot is the first priority out of the three current projects. Creating additional parking is vital to the success of the two other design projects.

Adopted Design Highlights:

Final design is still in progress and construction is subject to budget prioritization and property acquisition. 

  • Creates 152 additional spaces.
  • Includes tree islands and stormwater control.
  • Parking occupancy will be monitored and displayed with Smart Parking technology and wayfinding signage.

Anticipated Timeline (Update 12/01/23):

  • Final Design in progress
  • Easement acquisition in progress
  • Construction 2024-2025
Saunders Lot w/SCM