Community Survey

The Town of Apex is partnering with Zencity to gather feedback about what our residents are happy with, where we can improve, and what’s important to them.

Zencity is a community input / insights platform that local governments across the country use to get meaningful feedback from more residents, and better understand community concerns and priorities.

Purpose of the Survey

  • Objectively assess community satisfaction with the delivery of town services
  • Help determine priorities for our community
  • Compare our performance with other towns regionally and across the country
  • Compare current results with previous years' results

Collection Methods 

Representative Sample

Zencity uses dynamic online sampling to ensure surveys reach the full spectrum of residents for a diverse representative sample reporting the entire community. 

The survey will appear to residents through the use of digital ads in various locations such as social media platforms. The ad pictured to the right is what mobile device and computer users can expect to see. 

In addition to responses completed online, we will also follow best practices to gather non-digital responses. 

Supplemental Responses

If you do not see the ad, but want to provide your feedback, you can submit your response through this link! These additional responses will be compiled outside of the representative sample.

Zencity Survey Ad Mock Ups - Copy
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Past Survey Results

Check out the 2020 Survey summary (PDF), or dive deep into the full results below.

2020 Citizen Survey Results Summary - Copy