Facilities and Rentals

  1. John M. Brown Community Center
  2. Apex Senior Center
  3. The Halle Cultural Arts Center
  4. Park Shelter Rentals
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John M. Brown Community Center

The John M. Brown Community Center (formerly known as Apex Community Center) is located on the Town Hall Campus at 53 Hunter Street. The center has several rooms available for rent. The three largest rooms are separated by partition walls that can open to accommodate the need for more than one room’s capacity.

You can view and print the Reservation Request Form (PDF).

RoomsFees (during normal operating hours)Capacity/Room Size
Summit Room
$35 per hour (Residents)
$52.50 per hour (Non-residents)
65 people (banquet seating) 31’ x 31’
Pinnacle Room
(hardwood vinyl)
$35 per hour (Residents)
$52.50 per hour (Non-residents) 
65 people (banquet seating) 31’ x 31’
Zenith Room
(hardwood vinyl)
$35 per hour (Residents)
$52.50 per hour (Non-residents)
65 people (banquet seating)
31’ x 31
Catering Kitchen 
(attached to Zenith Room)
$21 per hour (Residents)
$31.50 per hour (Non-residents)

11’ x 21’
Arts & Crafts Room
$21 per hour (Residents)
$31.50 per hour (Non-residents)
20 people
22’ x 28’

Click here to view photos of the rooms listed above.

For suggested room layouts that will accommodate social distancing for your event, click here.

Hours for rentals must coincide with the building’s operating hours: 

Monday through Friday: 8am - 9pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 1pm - 6pm (Closed Sundays June through Labor Day) 

After-hours rentals can be approved by the Parks Director at an extra cost of $40 per hour beyond the regular scheduled building hours (this fee affects the overall hours of the rental is not a per room fee).

All facility rentals require a $250 refundable deposit and are a two-hour minimum. All fees must be paid in full in order to hold a date.

Reservations can be processed in person at the John M. Brown Community Center between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. For information about availability, call (919) 249-3402.

Notice For Rentals at ALL Facilities

Facilities cannot be rented by persons or groups for the purposes of making a profit, fundraisings, auctioning, selling, trading or exchanging products and services UNLESS by qualified nonprofit group exhibiting proof of 501c3 status (in person) at the time of application and with the prior approval of the APR&CR Director.  

If you are renting a shelter or facility with the intent of using the rented space or any other portion of the park where the rental is located for an event such as but not limited to, a charity walk, run, carnival, dinner, or other activity, your rental may be confirmed but is not valid until you submit additional paperwork. Please contact the John M. Brown Community Center at (919) 249-3402 for more information. This can include but is not limited to items such as a summary and schedule of the event, number of persons planned to attend, 501(C)3 documentation and proof of liability insurance naming the Town of Apex as insured. After the above-mentioned are submitted to the Town of Apex Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, the director will review the request and approve, approve with modifications, or deny the request.

Facility rentals at the John M. Brown Community Center, Apex Senior Center and Halle Cultural Arts Center must be a minimum of two hours. Shelter rentals must be a minimum of three hours with sixty minutes between each rental.

Facility Rental Forms