Sidewalks in Apex are required on both sides of all thoroughfares and collector streets and are constructed by developers along their property frontage as projects occur. Sidewalks are also required on one side of all new residential streets. The standard sidewalk in Apex is 5 feet wide and made of concrete. Because many roads in Apex were built prior to the requirements listed above, a lot of areas lack a complete sidewalk network.

Sidewalks in these areas are typically constructed with money allocated through transportation bond funds. Sidewalk construction costs vary with each particular situation. As conditions vary from one site to another, issues such as topography, location, permitting, engineering, surveying, land acquisition, and environmental constraints can drive the total construction costs well beyond the basic materials and labor cost per linear foot.

Additional Information

For more information about sidewalks or to request sidewalks in Apex, contact the Planning Department at (919) 249-3426.