Road & Sidewalk Projects

Any questions regarding current and / or past transportation projects should be referred to Adam Stephenson via emailing Adam Stephenson or phone at (919) 249-3417.

NOTE: the following list includes state and municipal projects, but does not include projects associated with private development, with the exception of sections of Richardson Road.

Town of Apex Projects

Projects designated with an asterisk (*) are currently under construction.

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  1. E. Williams St Sidewalk *
  2. Kelly & Apex BBQ Sidewalk *
  3. Laura Duncan Road Sidewalk *
  4. Apex Peakway SE Connector
  5. Apex Peakway SW Connector
  6. Beaver Creek Commons Dr at Zeno Rd
  7. Jessie Drive
  8. Lake Pine Drive
  9. Laura Duncan Road
  10. Richardson Road
  11. Roberts Road Sidewalk
  12. S Salem St at Tingen Rd
  13. Tingen Road Sidewalk Sec. 1
  14. Tingen Road Sidewalk Sec. 2
  15. W Chatham St Sidewalk
  16. Recently Completed 

East Williams Street Sidewalk (EB-5895)

Currently Under Construction

Concrete sidewalk will be constructed on the east side of NC 55 (East Williams Street) and along Bobbit Road from Sunset Lake Road northward, providing connections to existing sidewalk along NC 55 and Sunset Lake Road. The purpose of this project is to provide a pedestrian route and improve connectivity in an area with heavy pedestrian use and activity centers.

NCDOT Projects

Dates provided for the anticipated start of construction for each NCDOT project are based on the State Transportation Improvement Program. This 10-year program of funding is updated approximately every two years.

  1. Apex Peakway Turn Lane
  2. NC 55 Widening
  3. NC 540
  4. Ten Ten Road
  5. US 64
  6. Recently Completed

Apex Peakway at Old Raleigh Road (SM-57050)

This project includes construction of a northbound right turn lane on Apex Peakway at the intersection with Old Raleigh Road.