GoApex and Regional Transit

Use this page to learn more about three regional bus routes serving Apex and the Town’s effort to launch the first local bus route. Any questions regarding transit service in Apex should be referred to Shannon Cox (email Shannon Cox) or phone at (919) 249-3505. 

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GoApex Route 1

The Town of Apex is working to launch the first local transit route, GoApex Route 1. The route is anticipated to begin in Spring of 2022. It will be free to the public, and will provide hourly trips from 6 AM – 10 PM, Monday – Saturday. The Town plans toApex Route 1  partner with GoCary to provide the fixed route service and GoWake Access to provide the complementary ADA paratransit service. The Town is currently working on bus stop design. For updates on GoApex Route 1 and the start of service, sign up for emails below.

Map of GoApex Route 1 (PDF)

Transit Circulator Study

The Town completed a study in June 2020 to inform the plans for GoApex Route 1. The study considered the route, stops, fare, schedule, cost, and marketing.

Transit Circulator Study: Final Recommendations (PDF)

Town of Apex Transit Advisory Committee

Town of Apex Advisory Committee reviews transit plans and services and provide recommendations regarding revisions and/or approval to the Mayor and Town Council.

Transit Advisory Committee Meetings

Regular meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every quarter (every three (3) months) at 4:00pm. For more information please visit the transit advisory committee page