Utility Maintenance

Report a Water or Sewer Emergency

Report water or sewer emergency for your home or business 24 hours a day seven days a week to (919) 362-8166. 

Note: Call the town first and let us investigate the problem. We will advise you if it is a town problem or if you need to call a plumber to make the repairs.

This section of the Water Resources Operations division performs water and sewer line repairs and installation and maintenance of water meters.

Irrigation Split Tap Installation

The Irrigation Split Tap will be installed for the fee listed in the adopted Fee Schedule for existing single-family water customers only. An Irrigation Permit must be issued and applicable fees must be paid in full prior to installation of the irrigation split tap. Please request the installation of the split tap via the on-line service request form found on the Contractor/Builder Service Requests & Inspections page. The backflow must be an approved lead free assembly. A rough-in inspection must be scheduled and passed prior to installation of the water meter. For more information please review the Irrigation Permit Process Brochure (PDF).

Water Meter Installation

The meter installation will be scheduled for install within 7 business days of the date of request. It is the responsibility of the superintendent or building contractor to coordinate and ensure work is complete and ready for meter installation on the requested date. For residential water meter install requests contact Lora Stephenson at (919) 372-7453.  Contact Jessica Sloan at (919) 372-7478 for commercial and irrigation water meter installation requests.

If any of requirements as outlined in the Water Meter Installation Process (PDF) are not satisfied, the meter will not be installed and a notice of deficiency will be left in the lot permit box. Upon correction of the deficiency you must reschedule the meter installation via the online request form. A $150 fee will be assessed and payable to Building Inspections & Permitting Department prior to the scheduled Building Final Inspection.

  1. Report a Water or Sewer Emergency:

    (919) 372-7475

    General Inquiries
    (919) 362-8166

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