Community Center Expansion / Senior Center

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Estimated Project Cost: $8.5 million
Major Features:
  • Multi-purpose / classrooms / activity areas for programs
  • Exercise rooms
  • Arts & Crafts room with kiln 
  • Reception area

  • Office space for outside agency consultation and programs
  • Auditorium
  • Kitchen
  • Informal activity space
Meeting the Needs:

Current Use of Apex Community Center: Senior (55+) and preschool programs share the same facility space throughout daytime hours. Evening hours are shared between youth and adult programs. Without additional facility space for night programming of youth, adult and seniors we are unable to adequately meet current and future demand.

Senior Adults Programming: In spring 2017, 32% of Senior programs had a wait list, most often due to space limitations. The need for additional space and facilities for senior programs will continue to grow due to the significant number of active adults who are choosing to call Apex home. 

Youth & Adult Programming: The expansion building would primarily host Senior programs allowing for youth and adult programming space to become available in the existing building. Currently, a majority of non-athletic programs and youth summer camps in this facility have wait lists, and in many cases residents are forced to go to other municipalities to participate in preschool, youth, teen and adult programs. The Town's current growth projections, especially of young families with children, will further add to the need for expanded programming accommodations. 
(Spring 2017)
Community Center Expansion & Senior Center