Facility & Fleet Services


Facility & Fleet Services

Director: Marty Mitchell   
E-Mail: marty.mitchell@apexnc.org
Phone: (919) 249-3434    Fax: (919) 249-3438

The Facility and Fleet Services Department has the responsibility for all issues related to Town of Apex owned facilities, vehicles, and equipment.

The Facility Services section is responsible for maintaining approximately 187,464 square feet in twelve different facilities. Key maintenance issues related to facilities include but are not limited to, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, building automation systems, grounds and custodial maintenance, pest control, generators, etc.

The Fleet Services section is responsible for maintaining 185 vehicles and some 126 pieces of equipment. This includes fire and rescue, police cruisers, dump trucks, backhoes, vacuum trucks, and other miscellaneous operational vehicles.

Department Mission

Our mission is to insure that all service requests for facility and fleet issues receive the highest level of attention we can provide. Customer service and satisfaction will be our standard order of business with a minimum of repeat or call back work.