Residential Recycling


Residential Recycling

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Residential recycling is collected curbside weekly. 

The Town of Apex curbside recycling program accepts only certain materials. There are other options for those materials not accepted. The Wake County website is a resource for residents and businesses to use to locate organizations that recycle or dispose of unwanted materials.

Acceptable Materials for Curbside Recycling:

PlasticRecyclable Plastics

  • All plastics #1 through #7 
  • Rigid Plastics (Buckets, Plastic toys, Lawn Furniture).  Mixed rigid plastics must be under 2 feet in length, and under 40 pounds.
  • Plastic containers that held anti-freeze, motor oil, or other hazardous materials are not accepted.
  • Plastic wrap, plastic bags, and plastic clamshell containers are not accepted. Reuse where possible!

Paperboard/ChipboardRecyclable Paperboard

  • Cereal boxes, beer boxes, shoeboxes, etc.
  • Brown paper bags.
  • Tubes from paper towels and toilet tissue.
  • Waxed boxes are not accepted.
  • Pizza boxes are not accepted.

CardboardRecyclable Cardboard

  • Unwaxed corrugated (flat on outsides and wavy in middle) cardboard.
  • Remove all excess tape from packing materials.
  • Styrofoam is not accepted.

Gable Top Containers and Aseptic BoxesRecyclable Gable Top Items

  • Milk, juice, and detergent cartons
  • Milk and juice drink boxes.
  • Discard straws and lids.
  • Juice drink sacks such as CapriSun are not accepted.

Aluminum, Tin, and Steel CansRecyclable Aluminum/Steel

  • Aluminum, tin, and steel food and beverage containers.
  • Aluminum foil and pie plates.
  • Frozen food trays are not accepted.
  • Metal containers for non-food products are not accepted.

GlassRecyclable Glass

  • All glass food and beverage containers, any color.
  • Plate glass, ceramic materials, and glass containers for non-food products are not accepted.
  • Discard metal lids.
  • Paper labels do not need to be removed.

PaperRecyclable Newspaper and Magazines

  • Newspapers and all inserts, magazines, catalogs, white (office) paper, and junk mail.
  • Telephone books.
  • Books are not accepted.
  • Stamps and stickers in junk mail are not accepted.


Make sure your recycling cart is at the curb the night before your designated collection day. Please call Waste Industries Customer Service at (919) 662-7100 or Town of Apex Customer Service at (919) 362-8676 with any further questions.

65-gallon Recycling Carts available

Residents have two options for recycling containers: the 18-gallon recycling bin or the 65-gallon roll-out recycling cart. There are several advantages to requesting a 65-gallon recycling cart instead of continuing to use the 18-gallon bin:

  • More recycling capacity (over 3 times as much) which helps preserve landfill space.
  • New cart has a lid to keep recyclables dry and contained on a rainy/windy day.
  • Easier to roll cart to curb rather than carry a full bin.
  • There is no cost increase associated with requesting a new cart and delivery is only upon the customer’s request.
  • Your scheduled collection day will not change.

Contact Waste Industries at (919) 662-7100 or Customer Service at (919) 362-8676 to request a new 65-gallon recycling cart.

Where Does Our Recycling Go?

All recyclable materials picked up curbside from Apex residents go to a material recovery facility in Raleigh operated by Sonoco Recycling, Inc.  The facility is a 75,000ft2 single-stream processing plant, meaning the materials do not have to be separated to be processed.

Sonoco recycling plant

The plant processes 12,000 tons of recyclable materials every month!  A majority of these materials are turned back into products consumers use daily.  Sonoco maintains a list of what can and cannot be recycled at their plant.

Sonoco recycling plant