Service Memorial


Service Memorial

Additional bricks are now available for purchase/engraving for $200/per brick. Deadline to order is July 11th. Bricks will be installed in late August. Please complete this form to purchase.

As a tribute to those brave men and women who serve to provide safety and protect our freedoms, both at home and abroad, the Town of Apex constructed a memorial space in the heart of downtown at the corner of Salem Street and Saunders Street.

Funding for the Service Memorial was made possible fully through private donations. Nearly 200 engraved bricks were purchased, mostly by Apex residents, to honor their family members or friends who are public safety workers, or who serve or have served in the armed forces.

About the Memorial

It started with a piece of steel...

The Town of Apex received a 6-inch cube of metal beam recovered from the rubble of the World Trade Center’s South Tower. This has been the inspiration behind the Service Memorial.

The steel cube, symbolic of the destruction our nation faced in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, rests atop a 5-foot granite monument. Written tributes adorn each of the four sides of the monument. One in memory of the attacks on New York and for all Fire, Police and EMS personnel who live each day to protect our cities and towns, another for those in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon, one honoring those who served or are serving in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and another in tribute to all veterans.

Paths made from engraved bricks radiate out from the center of the monument, forming the foundation of this space. A brick seating wall allows visitors to rest and reflect, while a 10-foot town clock reminds us all to take time to remember.

Photo Gallery: Service Memorial Dedication