Employee Directory


Employee Directory

Name Title Phone


Main Line (919) 249-3400
Radford, Bruce Town Manager (919) 249-3301
Havens, Drew Assistant Town Manager (919) 249-3302
Hosch, Donna Town Clerk (919) 249-3303
Galloway, Stacie Communications Manager (919) 249-1135
Hohe, Laurie Town Attorney
Kirschbaum, Jennie Paralegal

Building Inspections

Main Line (919) 249-3418
Jackson, Kent, P.E. Director (919) 249-3418
Adams, Julie Permit Specialist (919) 249-3382
Baker, Rudy Code Enforcement Supervisor (919) 249-3381
Brock, Anne Permit Specialist (919) 249-3384
Chiavacci, Chris Code Enforcement Officer III (919) 249-3387
Emig, Mike Code Enforcement Officer II (919) 249-3389
Ewens, Samantha Senior Plans Examiner (919) 249-3383
Irwin, Donald Plans and Permits Supervisor (919) 249-3379
O'Briant, Annette Permit Specialist (919) 249-3395
Pridgen, Cam Code Enforcement Officer I (919) 249-3392
Renn, Frank, Jr. Code Enforcement Officer I (919) 249-3396
Stephenson, Brooks Code Enforcement Officer (919) 249-3398
Strand, Marguerite Plans Examiner (919) 249-3399
Welischar, Gene Code Enforcement Officer I (919) 249-7464

Economic Development

Helms, Joanna Economic Development Director (919) 372-7461

Emergency Medical Services

Main Line (919) 363-1577
Heath, Randall Emergency Medical Services Chief
Barker, Colin EMT-Paramedic
Drake, Travis Paramedic
Haughney, April EMS Staffing and Inventory Specialist
Hinds, Nathaniel Paramedic
Kennedy, John EMT-Paramedic
Lynch, Lance EMT-Paramedic
Nowlin, Philip Paramedic Shift Supervisor
Shoemaker, Rachel Paramedic
Simmons, Christopher Paramedic
Way, Raven Paramedic
Woodall, Edward Paramedic Supervisor
Worden, David Paramedic Supervisor


Main Line (919) 249-3418
Jackson, Kent, P.E. Director (919) 249-3418
Battle, Eric Engineering Field Services Supervisor (919) 249-3510
Bernard, Bryce Construction Inspector (919) 249-1167
Carlyle, Dewayne Senior Construction Inspector (919) 249-3386
Dalton, Russell, P.E. Transportation Engineer (919) 249-3358
Dillon, Jackie Engineering Technician (919) 249-3390
Harrison, Rich Engineering Projects Coordinator (919) 249-3393
Leon, Paul Construction Inspector (919) 249-3378
Nelson, Steve GIS Administrator (919) 249-3311
Perry, Steve Construction Inspector (919) 249-3515
Stephenson, Adam, P.E. Engineering Supervisor (919) 249-3417
Weatherman, Jean Development Projects Coordinator (919) 249-3394

Facility and Fleet Services

Main Line (919) 249-3434
Mitchell, Marty Facility and Fleet Services Director (919) 249-3434
Bowling, Rex Fleet Services Mechanic
Butler, Paul Fleet Services Supervisor
Gaudette, Ray Fleet Services Mechanic
Masese, Cyril Fleet Services Mechanic
Springle, Patrick Lead Facility Maintenance Mechanic (919) 249-3528
Vaughn, Dwayne Facility Maintenance Mechanic
Williams, Travis Fleet Services Mechanic

Finance & Utility Billing / Customer Service

Main Line (919) 362-8676
Holloman, Vance Finance Director (919) 249-3315
Arrington, Keisa Accounting Technician
Boyce, Jennifer Senior Utility Customer Service Specialist
Branch, Dewayne Meter Tech Supervisor
Brown, Kathleen Senior Utility Customer Service Specialist
Goddard, Dina Utility Customer Service Specialist
Dickey, Stephanie Utility Customer Service Specialist
Jones, Audrey Customer Service and Finance Manager
Kitto, Pam Purchasing Manager
Knight, Ann Utility Customer Service Specialist
Lee, Karen Accounts Payable Technician
Marsh, Nadia Utility Customer Service Specialist
Maynard, Steven Buyer
McLean-NewKirk, Cassandra Payroll Specialist
McNeil, Tim Meter Technician
Moore, Anthony Meter Technician
Murphy, Judith Senior Utility Customer Service Specialist
Omollo, Jackie Meter Technician
Ortiz, Javier Warehouse and Delivery Specialist
Parmentier, Suzanne Accounting and Budget Manager
Rounsville, Terri Senior Meter Technician
Weston, Karen Inventory Specialist

Fire Department

Main Line (919) 362-4001
McGee, Keith Fire Chief
Arnett, Chris Fire Engineer
Auchmoody, David Fire Engineer
Bass, Ian Fire Engineer
Beach, Michael Firefighter
Beasley, Mike Fire Battalion Chief
Brandes, Stephen Fire Lieutenant
Burgette, David Senior Firefighter
Butts, Kevin Fire Lieutenant
Campbell, Brian Firefighter
Capps, Alan Fire Battalion Chief
Carter, Lawrence Fire Battalion Chief
Cirasole, Peter Fire Engineer
Cotten, David Fire Lieutenant
Cox, Stephen Fire Lieutenant
Crisson, Stephen Senior Firefighter
Dague, David Fire Lieutenant
Dawson, Chris Fire Captain
Deaton, Nicholas Firefighter
Dillon, David Deputy Fire Marshal
Fisher, Rebecca Fire Captain
Fuller, Antonio Senior Firefighter
Gray, William Senior Firefighter
Haigh, David Senior Firefighter
Hester, Ashley Senior Firefighter
Hillen, Ryan Senior Firefighter
Hoina, Matthew Senior Firefighter
Huegerich, Karl Fire Marshal
Jones, Jeffrey Fire Engineer
Stuart, Melissa Fire Engineer
Leerkes, Thomas Fire Lieutenant
Lindsey, Zack Fire Lieutenant
Marsh, Jason Firefighter
Matthews, Kimberly Fire Staffing Specialist
Maynard, Jeff Assistant Fire Chief (919) 249-1040
McClure, James Fire Engineer
Medlin, Timothy Fire Engineer
Miles, Howard Fire Lieutenant
Nesbit, Jason Fire Engineer
Pascucci, Robert Fire Lieutenant
Paxton, Jody Fire Engineer
Pearson, Scott Fire Lieutenant
Roberts, Kevin Senior Firefighter
Scofield, Eric Fire Engineer
Smith, Amy Administrative Specialist
Smith, Kevin Fire Engineer
Strickland, Bobby Senior Firefighter
Strom, Thomas Fire Lieutenant
Stuart, Adam Fire Captain
Sykes, Brian Fire Engineer
Torchia, Frank Senior Firefighter
Veasey, Tom Fire Lieutenant
Wallace, Loren Senior Firefighter
Wentz, Craig Firefighter
White, John Fire Training Coordinator
Wilson, James Senior Firefighter
Wood, Kevin Fire Engineer
Woody, Sean Fire Engineer

Human Resources

Main Line (919) 249-3420
Green, Eleanor Director
Degen, Amy J. Human Resources Analyst
Peters, Alix Human Resources Technician
Willing, Mark Safety and Risk Manager (919) 249-3406

Information Technology

Main Line (919) 249-3401
Boyd, Michael Information Services Specialist
Chalker, Rodney Computer Systems Analyst
Davila, David Senior Computer Systems Analyst
Kohl, Michael Information Technology Specialist
Sacco, Erika Interim Information Technology Director (919) 249-3312

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources

Main Line (919) 249-3402
Brown, John M. Director (919) 249-3402
Anderson, Renee Recreation Program Specialist (919) 249-1124
Baker, Andrew Senior Customer Service Specialist (919) 249-3402
Barnes, Brian Parks Maintenance Crew Leader
Byrd, G. Leon Parks Maintenance Specialist
Carraway, Laura Recreation Program Supervisor (919) 249-3402
Clark, Aaron Parks Maintenance Worker
Creek, Jordan Parks Maintenance Worker
Enoch, Joshua Parks Maintenance Supervisor (919) 249-3512
Fitzsimons, Patrick Recreation Program Supervisor (919) 249-3346
Hollins, Lester Park Maintenance Worker
Johnson, Joseph Parks Maintenance Crew Leader
Kelly, Kyle Parks Maintenance Worker
Lyon, Karl V. Recreation Program Manager (919) 249-3402
Matthai, Renee Recreation Customer Service Supervisor (919) 249-3350
Munson, Jacob Parks Maintenance Worker
Pisacane, Mike Parks Maintenance Crew Leader
Prelaske, Allison Recreation Program Specialist (919) 249-3507
Reincke, Angela Senior Customer Service Specialist (919) 249-3402
Ralph, Edward Building Maintenance Mechanic
Setzer, Craig Parks Maintenance Manager (919) 249-3511
Willing, Jackson Parks Maintenance Worker
Wray, Taylor Senior Customer Service Specialist (919) 249-1120
Wood, David Cultural Arts Center Manager (919) 249-3351


Main Line (919) 249-3426
Khin, Dianne, AICP Planning Director (919) 249-3332
Brock, Bonnie Deputy Town Clerk / Development Specialist (919) 249-3334
Bronczyk, Chris Planning Technician (919) 249-3422
Brown, Will GIS Analyst (919) 249-3336
Bunce, Amanda Planner (919) 249-3529
Culbertson, Brenda Planning Technician (919) 249-3437
Curtin, Joe Senior Zoning Compliance Officer (919) 249-1125
Huegerich, Reed, AICP Senior Planner (919) 249-3505
Jones, Liz Planner (919) 249-3439
Joyner, Cliff Senior Zoning Compliance Officer (919) 249-3433
Judd, Deborah Administrative Specialist (919) 249-3337
Mayo, Shelly Planner (919) 249-1136
Parrish, Lissa Senior Zoning Compliance Officer (919) 249-3335
Vega, Brendie, AICP Principal Planner (919) 249-3339
Yates, Steve Zoning Compliance & Landscape Supervisor (919) 249-3333


Main Line (919) 362-8661
Letteney, John Police Chief (919) 249-3447
Allen, James T. Community Policing Specialist (919) 249-3469
Allen, William T. Traffic Specialist
Antonsen, Jeffrey Police Officer II
Asmussen, Joseph Police Officer II
Baity, Travis Police Officer I
Barrow, Keith Police Corporal - Property Crimes (919) 249-3468
Beacham, Beverly Telecommunicator
Best, Joey Police Sergeant - Property Crimes (919) 249-3467
Boggs, David A. Communications & Technology Manager (919) 249-3446
Boyd, Ashley Police Officer II
Brown, Worth Detective (919) 249-3449
Buchanan, Eric Police Corporal
Burns, Christopher Master Officer
Caloggero, Thomas Master Officer
Coleman, Danica Domestic Violence Victim Advocate (919) 249-3457
Conley, Jennifer Crime Analyst (919) 249-3476
Conley, Michael Shawn Police Sergeant (919) 249-3440
Crawford, Marty Police Officer I
Duckworth, Stephen Police Corporal
English, Wayne Police Lieutenant (919) 249-3455
Faber, Wayne Telecommunicator
Flaugher, Mark Police Sergeant - Person Crimes (919) 249-1142
Fleming, Daniel Police Officer I
Garafalo, Michael Police Sergeant (919) 249-3477
Garcia, Nicole Senior Administrative Specialist (919) 249-3447
Gianni, Joseph Police Officer II
Gilbert, Jacques Administration Captain (919) 249-3464
Grier, Joshua Master Officer
Guider, Jonathan Police Officer I
Hansen, Deborah Police Corporal
Hernandez, Daniel Telecommunicator
Herring, Kevin Police Sergeant (919) 249-3454
Hotchkiss, William Police Officer I
Hunter, Matthew Community Policing Specialist (919) 249-3469
James, Scott Police Officer II
Jones, John Police Sergeant
Klatt, Joshua Police Officer II
Kutcher, Matthew Professional Standards Corporal (919) 249-3454
MacAulay, Mike Telecommunicator
MacMonagle, Josh Detective (919) 249-1149
Majkowski, Karen Telecommunicator
Mellenberger, Matthew Middle School SRO
Metz, Susan Administrative Specialist (919) 249-3460
Mraz, Alexandra Police Officer I
Myers, Christopher Police Officer II
Myers, Sean Police Officer I
Myhand, C. Blair Patrol Captain (919) 249-3445
Newman, Michael Police Officer II
Opitz, Brian Police Corporal
Parody, Thomas Traffic Unit Sergeant (919) 249-3448
Patel, Palak Police Officer I
Pawluk, Gregory Master Officer
Pennington, Harry Police Officer II
Pope, Brandon Police Officer I
Prince, Michael Traffic Corporal
Reinas, Paul Police Officer II
Rhodes, Greg Police Lieutenant (919) 249-3473
Rivera, Raymond Police Officer II
Roberson, Darrell Master Officer
Rosser, Justin Police Corporal - Person Crimes (919) 249-3444
Rountree, Crystal Police Officer I
Russell, Stephen Detective (919) 249-1148
Sacco, Charles Information Technology Specialist
Shuart, Kristofer Police Officer I
Sites, James Police Officer I
Smith, Travis Police Officer I
Stephens, Ann Investigations Captain (919) 249-3456
Stewart, Jason Police Officer II
Stone, Jason Philip High School SRO
Thomas, Rick Communications Center Supervisor (919) 249-3474
Towell, R. Greg Support Services Sergeant (919) 249-3450
Velna, Larissa Police Officer I
Warren, Dallas Police Officer I
Watkins, Andrew Police Officer II
Williams, Shawn Senior Telecommunicator
Woodard, Karen Evidence Clerk / Quartermaster (919) 249-1141
Wylie, Kim Telecommunicator

Public Works - Administrative

Main Line (919) 249-3427
Donnelly, Tim, P.E. Director
Bendis, Joe GIS Technician
Gilbert, Kimberly Senior Administrative Specialist
Hughes, David Assistant Public Works and Utilities Director

Public Works - Electric Utilities Division

Main Line (919) 249-3531
Smith, Rodney Interim Electric Utilities Manager
Adams, Steven Utilities System Specialist
Amberg, Justin Right-of-way Technician
Ball, Al Engineering & Technical Services Manager
Barnes, Phillip Powerline Arborist
Booker, Bernis Senior Electric Line Technician
Browning, Joey Electric Operations Supervisor
Crabtree, Pete Powerline Right-of-way Technician
Denning, Lincoln Electric Line Technician I
DeYoung, Vincent Electric Line Technician I
Doby, Jerry Electric Line Technician Trainee
Griffin, Ken Electric Crew Field Supervisor
Harris, Jared Electric Crew Field Supervisor
Johnson, Johnny Electric Crew Field Supervisor
Kennedy, Clay Powerline Right-of-way Technician
Lannon, Ben Senior Electric Line Technician
Locklear, Frederick W. Electric Technical Services Specialist
Lowry, Nathan Electric Line Technician Trainee
Lund, Daniel Senior Electric Technical Services Specialist
Martin, Eric Senior Electric Line Technician
McLamb, Ronald Senior Electric Line Technician
Prince, Dustin Senior Electric Line Technician
Renken, Jeffrey Powerline Right-of-way Technician
Rose, Jonathan Senior Electric Line Technician
Tysor, Michael B. Senior Electric Line Technician
Weatherman, Ken Electric Crew Field Supervisor
Woody, Emily Senior Utility Customer Service Specialist
Zimmermann, Bill Powerline Arborist

Public Works - Environmental Programs Division

Main Line (919) 249-3427
Deaton, Michael, P.E. Environmental Programs Manager (919) 249-3413
Bolin, Jessica, P.E. Stormwater/Utility Engineer (919) 249-3537
Bonner, Michael Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Cotton, Calvin General Maintenance Worker
Douglas, Darius Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Fortier, Stan Utility Engineer (919) 249-1166
Ingram, Ray Utility Locate Technician
Jenks, Andy Solid Waste Supervisor (919) 249-3521
Johnson, Michael Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Johnson, Trevor Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Miller, Steve Public Works Engineering Projects Coordinator (919) 249-3357
Prince, Glenn Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Richardson, Tony Utility Locate Technician
Russell, Lee Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Strickland, Justin Solid Waste Equipment Operator
Temple, Ricky Environmental Specialist (919) 249-3524
Underwood, Franklin Solid Waste Equipment Operator

Public Works - Operations Division

Main Line (919) 362-8166
Cannon, John Public Works Operations Manager (919) 249-3412
Brodhead, Randy Senior Utility Maintenance Worker
Bynum, Marcus Heavy Equipment Operator
Byrd, Ricky Utility Crews Field Supervisor
Caro, David Senior Street Maintenance Worker
Cintron, Aurely Utility Maintenance Worker
Clifton, Trent Heavy Equipment Operator
Cornell, Jimmy Operations Supervisor
Cotton, Seth Senior Utility Maintenance Worker
Evans, Reginald Senior Street Maintenance Worker
Fontaine, Tim Public Works Operations Supervisor (919) 249-3532
Forsythe, Luther Utility Technician
Gentry, Kyle Heavy Equipment Operator
Godin, Justin Heavy Equipment Operator
Knight, Oris Utility Technician
Johnson, Thomas Pump Maintenance Supervisor
Lancaster, Alex Senior Utility Maintenance Worker
Loesch, Steven Utility Technician
McKoy, Ken Pump Maintenance Mechanic
Menges, Bob Street Maintenance Supervisor
Mills, James Senior Utility Maintenance Worker
Mitchell, Lantz Utility Maintenance Worker
Osegueda, John Water Quality Supervisor (919) 249-3411
Paynter, Lindley Senior Administrative Specialist
Pittman, Robert Utility Technician
Reif, Will Street Maintenance Worker
Rigsbee, Mark Senior Utility Maintenance Worker
Shontz, Steve Senior Utility Maintenance Worker
Smith, Marc Senior Utility Maintenance Worker
Surles, Walter Pump Maintenance Mechanic
Turner, James Street Crew Leader
Vaughn, Eddie Senior Utility Maintenance Worker
Wolfe, Willie Senior Street Maintenance Worker

Public Works - Water Reclamation Facility

Main Line (919) 249-3428
Cratch, John Manager
Avent, Lori L. Laboratory Supervisor
England, Tom Wastewater Reclamation Facility Team Leader
Giles, Tony Senior Lab Analyst
Hardin, David Pretreatment and Operations Supervisor
James, Larry Operator/Mechanic III – Electrical Specialist
Martinez, Gene Operator/Mechanic II
Munson, Tom Wastewater Reclamation Facility Team Leader
Walter, Ryan Operator/Mechanic