• Top of the Sevice Memorial.
  • Shanksville, PA, The Pentagon, In Honor and Memory of the passengers who valiantly fought against those that threatened the safety of thousands of Americans,
  • Men surrounding and applauding the stone memorial as the clock behind them shows a time of 8.
  • North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation
  • A line of soldiers walking in line formation through a doorway
  • Men in klts posing in front of a sign that says MFRD, Pipes, Drums, Fir Na Tine
  • Men in police uniforms and hats standing in  front of a fire engine at the fire house
  • People viewing a presentation, including a man in a VFW hat.
  • Empire Cigars, Apex North Carolina
  • Man speaking at a podium, standing in front of Salem Street Promenade
  • Man with a top hat speaking at the podium with a store called Fedora in the background

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