Builder/Contractor Information

Helpful Information for Builders and Contractors

Due to the influx of Electric Temporary and Conditional Power installation request based off of inspections, we currently allow ourselves a three business day turn around time to install the meters starting the day after they are inspected.  If your address passes on a Monday it should be installed by Thursday by the end of the day.  Weather and Electric emergencies beyond our control may extend the installation.  If your meter has not been installed within the time period allowed please call our office at 919-372-7449 for additional information.

Request Electrical Underground Installation

Due to high demand - As soon as you are able to put the meter base on the house please do so and fill out this form so that we can put you in the schedule.  By not doing so may cause delays.  The meter base must be on the house before requesting underground installation.  DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM UNLESS THE METER BASE IS ON THE HOUSE.  We have recently had contractors filling out this form and we have gone out to write up the order only to find that the meter base is not on the house.  If the meter base is not on the house at the time you call in your order, your order will be disregarded and will delay installation of your underground until you submit the request correctly.  Thank you for your cooperation.