Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Division is a part of the Patrol Division. This division is responsible for:

  • Addressing speed complaints
  • Conducting traffic studies and analyses
  • The investigation of traffic accidents
  • Traffic education
Division personnel receive advanced training in accident investigation and reconstruction and traffic safety education and enforcement. This unit provides several services to the community including a DWI simulator, the seat belt demonstrator, and the placement of portable speed signs in the community.


The Department has received the AAA Carolinas Traffic Safe Communities Award 4 of the last 5 years. Traffic safe communities are selected by looking at crash statistics, number of law enforcement officers per capita, the presence of a formal traffic safety program and/or existence of a special traffic division.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte provided the statistical analysis and the Carolina Motor Club Foundation chose winners in each category giving extra emphasis to those communities that are proactive in enhancing traffic safety efforts.

Online Request

If you have a traffic complaint or would like a speed measurement device placed in your neighborhood, complete the Online Request Form.