Office of the Town Clerk

A Message From the Town Clerk 

Thank you for visiting the Office of the Town Clerk's website.  The Town Clerk is committed to providing you with the highest quality of customer service possible.  

Appointed by and reporting directly to the Mayor and Town Council, the Town Clerk serves as direct link between residents of the community and their government. If me or my team can assist you in anyway, we encourage you to call or visit the Clerk's Office.  

The Office of the Town Clerk is Responsible for:

  • Maintaining town records and overseeing the town's record retention program 
  • Overseeing the adoption and publication of the Town's Code of Ordinances
  • Preparing agendas and minutes for all meetings of the Town Council 
  • Managing the Mayor and Town Council's Advisory Boards and Commissions 
  • Managing the Town's Legislative Agenda and serve as the federal and state governmental relations liaison on behalf of the Town  
  • Managing the sale and transfer of plots in the Apex Cemetery
  • Serving as the official keeper of the town seal
  • Providing executive support to the Mayor and each member of the Town Council

Our Commitment: 

  • Designing and maintaining responsive systems and processes that inform the public of the Town Council’s legislative actions;
  • Encouraging resident engagement through community partnerships which supports diverse participation in democratic spaces;
  • Preserving and managing the Town’s official records for efficient access and retrieval;
  • Leveraging technology to improve accessibility to local government internally and externally;
  • Monitoring local, state, and federal legislative activities and providing research and strategic analysis to determine the impact to the Town;  
  • Providing exceptional support service to the Mayor, Town Council, and Staff to assist them in providing excellent service to the community

Historical Research

Records pertaining to the town’s history from the 1800’s to present are available for you to research by appointment. Contact the Clerk's office at (919) 249-1260 or by email.

Public Records Requests

Requests for public records are handled through the Town Clerk’s office. Submit your request by completing our online form.

Proclamation & Letter of Honor Requests

The Mayor and Town Councilmembers issue proclamations in recognition of noteworthy people, programs and causes that contribute to the greater good of the residents of Apex.

All proclamation requests must be submitted online, at least 21 days prior to the desired date of presentation. If you would like the Mayor or another member of the Town Council to present the award, this date will be subject to their availability. Learn more and submit your request by visiting this webpage.   

Advisory Boards and Commissions

A great way residents can have a positive impact on the future of the Town is to serve on one of our resident advisory boards or committees!  Learn more and submit an application today by visiting this webpage.  Questions should be directed to the Town Clerk at 919-249-1260 or by email.