1. Accessory Structures

    A subordinate structure detached from but located on the same lot as a principal building is an accessory structure. Accessory structures shall be associated with, and clearly incidental and subordinate to, the principal uses allowed in the zoning districts.

  2. Decks

    Regulations regarding the addition of a deck to your home.

  3. Family Care Homes

    Find out what you need to do in order to sign up for a Family Care Home.

  4. Fences

    Find out what regulations there are regarding the construction of fences within Apex.

  5. Home Occupation

    Discover what requirements there are regarding the occupation of homes within Apex.

  6. Small Town Character Overlay District

    The purpose and intent of the Small Town Character Overlay District is to repeat the spirit of traditional character rather than imitate style

  7. Street Trees

    The planting of street trees is considered a duty as well as good business practice. Be aware of what regulation apply to maintaining street trees properly.

  8. Unified Development Ordinance

    Review the articles of the Unified Development Ordinance.

  9. Variances

    Get information about variances and how they related to the Planning Department of Apex.

  10. Zoning Violations

    Find out what qualifies as a code violation in the Unified Development Ordinance of Apex.