1. Parks Maintenance Notices

    This serves to notify closures due to planned maintenance only.

  2. Apex Community Park

  3. Apex Jaycee Park

    You'll find soccer and softball games here, along with a batting cage and playground.

  4. Disc Golf

    The object of disc golf is to traverse the course from beginning to end in the fewest throws of the disc.

  5. Hunter Street Park

    Home to a dog park, and Trackside Skate Plaza, this park also features soccer, baseball, and a rentable shelter.

  6. Kelly Road Park

    This park features the popular KidsTowne playground, a baseball field and trailhead to Beaver Creek Greenway.

  7. Nature Park & Seymour Athletic Fields

    Our newest park features soccer, sand volleyball, tennis, and an outdoor amphitheater.

  8. Neighborhood Parks

    These smaller neighborhood parks are scattered around town, but all are open to the public.

  9. Pleasant Park (Future)

    This future park is planned on 92 acres, off Old US 1 Hwy.

  10. Trackside Skate Plaza

    Located between, and named after, the 2 rail lines that run through downtown Apex, Trackside is a 13,000 square foot, 4 tiered, skate plaza which mimics street skating conditions and also includes competition skateboarding elements.