1. Comprehensive Transportation Plan

    Transportation Plan documents and maps

  2. Public Transportation Services & Plans

    Public transit is offered in Apex by two agencies, who coordinate with town staff when routes are modified or new service is proposed.

  3. Transportation Project Priorities and Funding

    Needs are identified by town leaders and town staff, often with input from citizens concerning safety and efficiency, and may be included in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) review process each year.

  4. Greenways

    A greenway is a linear park, a non-motorized transportation route, or an open space conservation area that provides passive recreational activities, pedestrian trails, and/or bicycle trails. Greenways connect residential areas with public parks, public libraries, and other destination points.

  5. Sidewalks

    Learn about how sidewalks are regulated and maintained within Apex.

  6. Transportation Construction

    Learn who funds transportation construction on roads surrounding Apex.