High-Speed Fiber

The Town of Apex is very aware that quality of life and future economic development is becoming increasingly dependent upon the speed of networks that our residents and businesses can access.

Gigabit-enabled networks are currently being devised in and around Apex. Providers including AT&T, Google, and Spectrum are actively upgrading equipment and running fiber through the front lawns of our residents’ homes. We expect to continue to see the speeds increase with most all of our current providers, and more plan choices will likely bring more affordable options. 

The Town of Apex does not complete this work. However, we do hope to help you understand what to expect, and who to contact with concerns.

Construction Concerns

For questions or concerns about construction in your area, call the number on the vehicle, door hanger, or:

  • AT&T: (800) 924-9420
  • Google: (877) 454-6959 or submit a concern through their online form
  • Spectrum: (919) 595-4892

If you’re not sure which company is responsible for the work, or need additional information, contact the Town.


Most companies provide informational door hangers in advance of their work. Sub-contractor vehicles and equipment may not be marked with the contracting company’s name.


Blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, white and/or pink paint markings will be sprayed on the ground several weeks before construction. The paint tells contractors where existing underground utility lines are to avoid them when digging. The paint usually disappears in a few weeks.


A public right-of-way area is designated between most streets and the adjacent private property. It is where service providers are allowed by law to place their fiber along with water/sewer/electrical lines. It can include the area from the curb towards your home for about 11 feet (or about five feet of grass, a five foot-wide sidewalk and an additional one foot behind the sidewalk).

Time of Day

Work typically occurs weekdays 7 am – 7 pm but may go longer in some cases. While construction noise can be as loud as necessary during these permitted times, you should not be bothered by noise in your home or business outside of this time frame. If you are, call the Town of Apex Police non-emergency line at (919) 362-8661.


In most cases and with weather permitting, private property should be restored to its original condition within about 10 business days after completion.

Companies are not required by law to coordinate their activities or co-locate their infrastructure. Therefore, even after one company is finished and the property is restored, other companies can come through the same area and begin the same process.
Construction in your area does not necessarily mean that new or improved service will be available to you soon. It could be many months or never at all, since companies are not required by state law to serve every property in Apex.