Community Policing

Community Policing is a collaborative effort between a Police Department and a community that identifies problems of crime and disorder and involves all elements of the community. The community is also in the search for solutions to these problems.

It is founded on close, mutually beneficial ties between police and community members. At the center of community policing are essential and complementary core components:
  • Partnerships between the police and the community.
  • Problem Solving as a method to identify and solve problems of concern to the community.
The Apex Police Department is dedicated in its commitment to work with neighborhood groups, civic leaders as well as individuals in the continued effort to improve the quality of life for all Apex residents.

Community Policing Specialist
The Apex Police Department Community Policing Specialist also speaks to community groups on safety, crime prevention and other related topics. They also provide safety and crime prevention talks, child IDs and community watch information.