Be sure to keep the following things in mind in the case of an hurricane in order to ensure safety.

Prepare Now

  • Buy battery-powered weather radio and know your local emergency stations
  • Learn meaning of watch-warning
  • If in flood zone, purchase flood insurance.
  • Plan to secure/evacuate mobile home for adequate shelter.
  • Install storm shutters; store plywood to cover all windows.
  • Remove branches, tall trees that may fall on house.
  • Prior to storm season stock extra food, batteries, jug drinking water.

Act Now

  • Listen to designated radio/television, Emergency Alert System for emergency information/instructions.
  • Move valuables to upper floors in case of flood.
  • Secure/bring in outdoor furniture.
  • Close permanent shutters, cover all windows with plywood (taping windows does not prevent breakage).
  • If you staying at your location keep away from windows, doors, outside walls; do not open windows. Bring pets inside.
  • If you are evacuating then turn off water and electricity at main stations; unplug appliances (do not touch if wet).
  • Do not leave pet or pets behind; take them with you or to a preplanned safe location.
  • Avoid downed wires and do not try to drive.