Police Department

Mission Statement 
The Apex Police Department is committed to the preservation of public safety and peaceful order in our Town. With pride, integrity and spirit of service we build trust from the public and partner with the community to protect persons and property, maintain order, and promote traffic safety.

We provide unbiased and just enforcement of laws to protect the freedoms enjoyed in a democratic society. We will strive to meet the responsibilities of our mission and our sworn oaths of office by:
  • Investigating criminal activity and apprehending criminals involved
  • Preventing crime and protecting persons and property
  • Respecting the rights and dignity of all persons
  • Working cooperatively with our partnerships to address neighborhood concerns
Our Values
Our values are Service, Integrity and Pride.


We will model a spirit of dedicated service in conducting our varied operations. This spirit will be evident by our demonstration of courtesy, compassion, competence and bravery.


We will hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of honest, accountability and trustworthiness. Our commitment to do the right thing will build the public trust we are dependent upon, as we act ethically and lawfully in carrying out our mission.


We will strive each day to build upon the proud history of this department and our Town through our efforts to improve ourselves, and our chosen profession.

More Information
You can now get information on events, crime tips and news about the Apex Police Department through various social media outlets.