Major Projects / Expenditures

For more information, view the Town of Apex Capital Improvement Plan document which shows a yearly outline of current capital improvement projects.


Annual Pavement Management – Street Resurfacing ($2,200,000)

The Town is responsible for maintaining 150 miles of municipal streets, with the annual resurfacing contract providing for most of the pavement maintenance needs. Street mileage is growing annually with ongoing development. A recent survey of our streets reveals that we have deferred maintenance that needs to be addressed. This ongoing program focuses on deficiencies in pavement condition throughout Apex, addressing issues such as potholes, alligator cracking, and rutting in order to provide a safe and reliable transportation system. The Powell Bill program provides an annual funding allocation from the state, based on public centerline miles of road accepted and maintained by the Town. However, current and future resurfacing costs continue to exceed Powell Bill allocations, requiring additional General Fund revenues to be allocated.

Justice Heights Street Extension ($750,000)

This project includes extending Justice Heights Street from its existing stub west of South Salem Street to intersect Apex Peakway and adds sidewalk on the north side of the street. The project would provide improved local connectivity for traffic flow south of NC 55 and pedestrian connectivity between Salem Street and Apex Peakway through the Justice Heights neighborhood. If the project is not funded, there will continue to be a gap in the transportation network between Salem Street and Apex Peakway for this local area.  

Felton Grove High School Road Improvements Cost Share ($825,000)

This project will contribute funds toward offsite intersection improvements as part of the construction of proposed Felton Grove High School that are beyond the required improvements for Wake County Public School System (WCPSS). This project addresses capacity and safety issues at multiple access points to the school. Funding is being prioritized ahead of construction in order to enter into an agreement with the school with full payment in 2025. 

Safe Routes to School ($1,000,000)

These projects will improve and add to existing Town infrastructure related to pedestrian and bicycle traffic to/from school. This five-phase project includes adding sidewalks, pedestrian facilities, and safe crosswalks in the areas surrounding Apex Elementary, Apex Middle, Apex Friendship Schools, Laurel Park Elementary, Baucom Elementary, Olive Chapel Elementary, Scotts Ridge Elementary, Salem Schools, and Thales Academy Elementary School. These phases were identified through an analysis of safe routes to school needs. Without the project there will continue to be gaps in the sidewalk network and other deficiencies in the transportation system that make walking and biking to school difficult.  

Tingen Road Pedestrian Bridge ($500,000)

This project includes construction of a pedestrian bridge over the railroad crossing of Tingen Road. This at-grade railroad crossing will be closed as part of the Apex Peakway Southwest Connector project per the agreement with CSX. Construction of the pedestrian bridge will provide a space for members of the community to safely cross the railroad tracks on Tingen Road to access downtown Apex, multi-family residential developments, multiple churches, and Apex Elementary School. If it is not completed, the railroad crossing will become a barrier to the pedestrian network within the Town center. A feasibility study will determine more accurate scope and cost with public involvement.

South Salem Street Bicycle Connection ($300,000)

This project includes sharrows along Salem Street from Apex Peakway to Hunter Street. Bike lanes along S Salem Street from Pleasant Park to Apex Peakway. This project was identified as the second highest priority in Bike Apex: The Comprehensive Bicycle Plan. If it is not completed, the Town will not meet the objective of prioritizing bicycle improvements along a designated bicycle route and major thoroughfare. 

Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources

Annual Greenway Allocation ($300,000)

This ongoing program would allow for the study and prioritization of proposed connections of existing greenways. As requests for connections continue to increase each year, without funding for this program, we would lack the resources to properly identify the viability of the proposed connections.

ACP Street Hockey Partnership ($250,000)          

In partnership with the NHL Carolina Hurricanes, develop 2 street hockey courts (multifunctional courts - including Futsal and Basketball) in the fenced field space.  This programmable space will be utilized to introduce street hockey to the community and provide access to underserved and vulnerable populations through events with the Boys and Girls Club, Miracle League and Town Specialized Recreation programming..

Environmental Education Center ($300,000)            

The Nature and Environmental Education facility was part of the initial Master Plan for the Nature Park site. The intent is to utilize this facility as a headquarters for the operation of the park and to provide on-site staff to program and oversee the park. Additionally, it would be a place where environmental and nature exhibits can be seen as part of the Town's effort to educate and support environmental initiatives such as conservation and good stewardship. It is envisioned that a large portion of the potential programming for this facility would be achieved through Town initiatives and by developing collaborative relationships with area schools and universities.

West Street Park Improvements ($1,650,000)            

Requested as part of the PRGOS Master Plan update Community Input Event, this needs list was developed through community engagement. Renovation of park available upon installation of sanitary sewer to provide a shelter with restrooms. Re-development includes accessible route through park, expanded and full-size basketball court, lighted if possible, inclusive and multigenerational amenities such as outdoor game tables and swings along with other improvements.  Focus on protecting existing large canopy trees and addressing erosion and slopes issues along with stream bank management.

Public Facilities

Tunstall House Renovation ($1,800,000)

Restoration of the existing Tunstall House would not only be a prescriptive plan to save the current structure, but also provide long term use as well as mediate deterioration to the existing structure. This project contemplates the historic restoration of the house and contributing outbuildings. The house is suffering from deferred maintenance and currently serves no purpose. The building will maximize its use by utilizing the two rooms of the original structure as public-facing meeting spaces, and utilizing the additions as well as the second floor for Town office space. This will create a more flexible space that can be used by both groups simultaneously.


East Williams Substation ($1,800,000)

As Veridea begins to develop along East Williams Street, near the East Williams Substation, we will need to improve our ability to serve this area. This project consists of approved development of 2.2 million square feet of mixed-used commercial development, 500,000 square feet of office development, and 4,000 residential units located on approximately 1,000 acres. To support this scale of development, the Town would need to add two 40 MVA Power Transformers to the East Williams Substation to provide the additional capacity and reduce delivery point charges from Duke Energy. This project contains two phases. The first phase will install one 40 MVA transformer, and Phase II will add the second 40 MVA transformer.

Water & Sewer

Advanced Metering Infrastructure ($4,100,000)

This project provides an end-to-end solution for wireless smart grid and advanced metering. It will provide the ability to manage and monitor our water/sewer service customers by utilizing high speed, standards-based communications to access real-time data. 

Big Branch 2 Pump Station & Force Main ($40,000,000)

This project includes construction of Big Branch Pump Station (capacity of 3 million gallons per day) and approximately six miles of 30-inch force main that will discharge at the Western Wake Regional WRF.  This infrastructure is needed to serve the Big Branch Basin, which is generally located in the triangle between I-540, US 1, and NC 55.

Sunset Hills Pump Station Upgrades ($4,400,000)

This project includes the renovation of the existing Middle Creek - Sunset Hills Pump Station, installing a new deeper wetwell that will allow the pump station to serve the area to the northeast including the future school site. Pumps will be updated to carry the additional area and to meet the new pumping characteristics to the new Middle Creek Regional Pump Station. If this work is not completed, the area to the northeast will have to have its own separate pump station, which is not in the town's best long-term interest.