Show Runs: June 14 - September 9, 2021

Opening Reception: Fri, June 25, 6pm-8pm

Rani Ray and Joe Godfrey grew up in two totally different parts of the world but have become close friends and painting partners in Cary, North Carolina. Rani was raised in the bustling city of Calcutta, India and Joe is from an Irish, Catholic community of the Boston area. Despite coming from vastly different backgrounds, a strong friendship and connection developed based on their mutual love of creating art.  

 The idea for their collaboration was sparked by their love of watercolor painting and the comradery that has grown as they explore the world of art together.

They can often be found painting plein-air together, in both rural and urban settings around Cary and the RTP. They provide each other with encouragement, knowledge and valuable critiques. Oftentimes, artists find that painting is a solitary endeavor. Rani and Joe have found a synergy in their collaboration and enjoy sharing their journey together as artists. 

Rani and Joe both strongly believe that art knows no boundaries and that it speaks the universal language that can bring people together.

By Rani Ray

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By Joe Godfrey

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Forward Together