Medical Alert Program

As a customer of the Town of Apex Electric System, you know that you can rely on us to provide reliable power on a consistent basis. This is important for all, but extremely important for customers who use life-sustaining medical equipment. If this applies to you or someone who resides in your home, please call us at 919-362-8676 and a customer service representative will give you details about the Medical Alert Program and tell you how to qualify.
We know that electric service is important to all our customers. But for those whose medical conditions require the use of life-sustaining equipment we have a Medical Alert Program.

What Does The Medical Alert Program Provide?

  • Medical Alert is designed to provide customers with reasonable prior notice of power interruption due to scheduled service maintenance — which, in turn, will allow them time to secure back-up

What Services Are NOT Offered By Medical Alert?

  • In the event of emergency power failures due to natural causes or unforeseen system problems, Medical Alert cannot provide prior notification. In these situations, it is the customer’s responsibility to have a power back-up system for their medical equipment, as well as an action plan for proceeding to the nearest medical facility. In addition, Medical Alert does not exempt customers from service disconnection if they do not make regular payments on their account, do not keep payment arrangements or if they fail to provide information to re-validate their participation in the program.

To be eligible for this program, you or someone who lives in your house must be diagnosed by a qualified physician with one of the following types of medical conditions: 

Chronic Medical Conditions

This applies if a customer has been diagnosed with a condition that requires life-sustaining medical equipment for a major life function. 

Critical Care Conditions

This applies if a customer has been diagnosed with a condition that requires medical equipment to sustain life.