Town Ornament

The Town of Apex partners with local artist Lewis Wilson to design a limited edition series of ornaments celebrating all of the landmarks you love around town.

Two ways to order: 

  • Order online and pick up at the Halle Cultural Arts Center, 237 N. Salem St.
  • Stop by the Halle and purchase at the front desk.

At this time, we are not able to ship ornaments - they must be picked up from the Halle.

The original artwork is printed onto a 4.5" x 3.25" piece of poplar wood, with ribbon attached.

Limited Number

Because each ornament is handmade, there will be a limited supply of 250 each year. Orders for past year ornaments are available while supplies last.

2019 Ornament - Downtown Apex

This year’s ornament features a snowy morning in downtown Apex. Historic downtown Apex formed around the turn of the 20th century. In 1911, many of the 100 block buildings, then constructed of old wood frame, were destroyed in a fire. By 1913, many buildings were rebuilt using pressed brick, giving downtown Apex the character it showcases today.

2018 Ornament - The Halle

The 2018 ornament features the Halle Cultural Arts Center, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of its grand reopening in 2008. The Halle was built in 1912 in the heart of the downtown Historic District, and served as Apex’s very first Town Hall. It is currently a modern facility that hosts exhibitions, musicals, dances, plays, receptions, meetings, fund raisers, and other celebrations.

2019 Ornament

2019 Ornament - black background edit

2018 Ornament

2018 Ornament (Halle)