Bulk Water

Hydrant Meter Rental

Request a hydrant meter rental set, move, pickup or repair via the online form www.apexnc.org/hydrantmeterrental.   No deposit is required. 24 hour notice is required to move, set or pickup the hydrant meter. Customers are prohibited from moving the hydrant meter.  The customer is responsible for providing their own hydrant wrench and hose.  The gate valve on the hydrant meter requires a 2-1/2" female NST connection.  A combination lock may be added to the hydrant meter box to help prevent theft, provided the combination is provided at the time of application. Hydrant Meters are read at the end of the month.  

Hydrant and Hydrant Meter Maintenance

  • Use a hydrant wrench to open the hydrant. Most hydrants open counter clockwise. 
  • Open the hydrant slowly to prevent damage to the hydrant, meter, and backflow preventer.  Ensure the hydrant is fully opened to prevent bodily injury or damage to the hydrant.  If the hydrant is not fully opened water may leak out of the weep holes at the bottom of the hydrant.
  • Do not throw trash or other materials in the box.
  • Close the hydrant after each use or at the end of business day.  Do not over tighten when closing it will strip the valve or damage the stem of the hydrant.  During freezing temperatures keep the insulation dry and in place.  After each use close the hydrant and open the test cocks to drain the body of the backflow preventer.
  • If a combination lock is used on the hydrant meter to prevent water theft, please use Shut-off Valve #1 on the backflow preventer in the box to restrict water flow out of the box when locked.
  • Report leaks, relief valve dumping, or other maintenance issues via the online form at www.apexnc.org/hydrantmeterrental.

Hydrant Meter Billing

Hydrant meter rental fees are invoiced the first of the month for the previous months consumption and rental period. Damages to the hydrant meter will be invoiced at cost plus a 10% Administrative fee. Current rental fee rates can be found under the heading Water & Sewer Rates - Bulk Water on page 7 of the Fee Schedule (PDF). Please contact (919) 372-7478 for billing and hydrant meter questions or concerns.

Bulk Water Station

BW Sta 1
The bulk water station is located at 105-A Upchurch Street. If you have an existing bulk water account the station is available 24/7.  A hydrant wrench is provided at the station to operate the hydrant.   Customers must provide their own hose (2-1/2" female NST connection) for connection. An air gap must remain throughout the filling process to prevent cross connection.

Directions on How to Operate the Station are provided on the interior door of the station.  Please contact Water Resources (919) 362-8166 if you have any questions or need assistance operating the station.  

New customers must contact Water Resources at (919) 362-8166 during normal business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., to setup a bulk water account and receive the access codes required to use the automated bulk water system.  The following information will be required to setup the account:  Company name, contact name, mailing address, phone number, email, and Federal ID number.

See link above for applicable bulk water connection rates.  Bulk water customers are invoiced at the first of the month for the previous months consumption.  Please direct any billing questions or issues to Water Resources at (919) 372-7478.


Report a Water or Sewer Emergency:

(919) 372-7475

Jimmy Cornell

Utilities Operations Manager
Email Jimmy Cornell
Phone: (919) 249-3536

John Osegueda

Water Quality Supervisor
Email John Osegueda
Phone: (919) 249-3411

David Watkins

Utility Field Crew Supervisor
Email David Watkins
Phone: (919) 249-3400 x 1018