Current Budget

The fiscal year 2017-18 budget was approved at the June 6, 2017 meeting of the Town Council. The Annual Operating Budget for the 3 major funds (General, Electric, and Water and Sewer) totaled $107,681,202. The total operating budgets for the three major funds are:

 Fund Percentage  Dollars 
General Fund 47%  $51,029,892 
Electric Fund 35% $37,591,000
Water & Sewer Fund 18% $19,060,310

The Town is projecting a 6.6% increase in General Fund revenues over the prior fiscal year due primarily to the expanding tax base from new development and annexations, increased sales tax distributions, and development related fees. 

The Town of Apex continues to recognize extraordinary and expansive growth. As a result, the Town is starting to experience an increased level of demand for the essential services citizens depend on. The FY 2017- 2018 adopted budget reflects the Town’s commitment to providing and maintaining quality services across a growing community while also responsibly investing in the personnel, equipment and infrastructure.

Break down of General Fund Expenditures per Dollar

Expenditures per dollar

Rates & Fees

  • Tax Rate: $0.38 per $100 of valuation (no change)
  • Vehicle fee: $15 (+ $5) $10 of the fee goes into a Transportation Capital Reserve to fund major road construction, repairs and resurfacing projects.
  • Water, Sewer, and Electric Utility Rates: slight increases in base rates to cover capital costs. A new tiered system was implemented for residential water rates which promotes conservation. (see pages 27-29 of the budget document for additional information regarding these change)
  • Garbage & Recycling: This service is provided by Waste Industries. Minor increases were made to cover contract costs. 
  • Development Fees: adjustments that will help us keep pace with increased service costs

2017-2018 Investments & Capital Projects 

Personnel Additions: The 29 new positions included in the budget were prioritized from an initial request of 56 new positions. New positions included 9 in Public Safety, 8 in Public Works, 3 in Planning, Economic & Development Services, 2 in General Government and 7 in Public Utilities. Even with the addition of 29 new positions, Apex’s position to population ratio will remain below 9 per 1,000 residents at 8.83, a remarkable ratio given the services that the Town provides (EMS and Electric) that many other municipalities do not. 

Vehicle Replacements & Additions: The Town is continuing the process of assessing, prioritizing and replacing the aging vehicles and equipment critical to efficient and timely service delivery. The FY 2017-2018 budget includes funding for the replacement of 21 vehicles, including 10 Public Utilities vehicles and 9 Patrol cars. An additional 16 vehicles were added to the fleet to support new positions. 

Transportation Projects: $14,375,000 

  • Apex Peakway Southwest Connector 
  • Apex Barbecue Road Bridge Replacement
  • Downtown Area Pedestrian Improvements 
  • Olive Chapel Road Bridge at NC 540 Sidewalk Enhancement 
  • Seaboard Street Parking 
  • Street Resurfacing 

Parks & Recreation Projects: $2,012,000 

  • Salem Pond Park, Phase II Construction 
  • Apex Nature Park Soccer Field Turf Conversion 
  • Middle Creek Greenway, Phase II Design 

Public Safety Projects: $1,023,700 

  • Public Safety Radio Replacement 
  • CAD Replacement & Console Replacement

For more information, view the Town of Apex Capital Improvement Projects map which shows a yearly outline of current capital improvement projects.